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Lay and Taeyong’s closeness

Taeyong ‘Missing You' MV // Face Appreciation

Taeyong | ‘Missing You’ MV

'My heart that wants you again, Why is it lingering like this?I can’t actually realize that i don’t have you. Tonight is just one night, Just like before i lost you”

Taeyong // EXO90:2014 ep 05

Taeyong // ‘Missing You’ MV

Taeyong ‘Missing You' MV Remake // EXO90:2014

Ten & Jaehyun (SR14B) // Rookiestation ep 06 - Chuseok Speical

Johnny & Yuta (SR14B) // Rookiestation ep 06 - Chuseok Special

 Johnny & Yuta // Rookiestation ep 6 - Chuseok Greeting

Ten (smrookies) | such a charming smile